Caesarea Maritima



Caesarea Maritima now is a national park on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea which contains the ruins of the original Caesarea. It was first built by Herod in 25-13 BC and was named in honor of Caesar Augustus. For most of it’s existence it was the seat of the Roman prefect who governed the region. Vespasian raised it to the status of colony, and it remained the capital through much of Roman and Byzantine rule. It was even capital under Muslim rule, until it was moved to Ramla. It was overtaken by Crusaders, recaptured by Saladin, taken again by Crusaders, and finally destroyed in 1265 AD by the Mamluks in order to stop the Crusaders from taking it again. The site has Biblical significance because of an inscription found on a pillar located during the excavation of a theater in the city.  The inscription includes the name of Pontius Pilate and is the only archaeological evidence of Pilate’s time in Judea.

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Caesarea Maritima

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