The Herodium is a fortress and a palace built by Herod the Great at the location where he battled and defeated the Parthians in 40 BC.  The hill on which the palace-fortress sits is partially manmade, rising to a a point 2,487 feet above sea level.  The structure at the top of the hill was seven stories tall.  There was also an area at the base of the hill, which included a palace, gardens, synagogue, bath house, and a large pool (about 225 x 150 ft).  Herod’s palace-fortress was certainly extravagant and impressive.  It was most likely also his burial place.

Even though the site was destroyed by the Romans in 71 AD, it was used by Simon bar Kokhba, the leader of a Jewish revolt, about 60 years later.

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The Herodium

The Herodium
by Asaf T., via Wikimedia Commons

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