Lachish was a city/fort built near the coast of Canaan. It is first mentioned in Joshua as one of the cities which allied itself against the Gideonites. They were defeated in battle when God sent hail to destroy their armies and Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still, and the city was razed to the ground. Afterwards the tribe of Judah was given that land and they began to rebuild the city. It was of key strategic import, as it was one of a series of important city/forts which protected Jerusalem. This was demonstrated when Hezekiah revolted against Sennacherib, the Assyrian king. Lachish fell to the Assyrians, but only after determined resistance, and the king later dedicated an entire room to the siege. It is the only site with an intact siege ramp made by the Assyrians to storm the city; this coupled with the pictures taken from Sennacherib’s chamber gives us the most accurate picture of ancient siege warfare. Over 1500 skulls and hundreds of arrowheads show us the brutality of the siege itself.

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The main gate of Lachish
by Mark A. Wilson, via Wikimedia Commons

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