Megiddo was an important city in the Jezreel valley which guarded a pass through Israel. In Biblical times it would have been used by Egypt and Syria for trade. It is the best choke-point between the two locations, and for this reason several battles have occurred here, all of them known as the Battle of Megiddo. The three most important were: the Battle of Megiddo in the 15th century BC, where the Pharaoh of Egypt faced a coalition of Canaanite kings, a battle in 609 BC between Egypt and Judah in which King Josiah fell (2 Kings 23:29), and a battle in 1918 AD as part of WWI. Because of all of these conflicts, the Mount of Megiddo became known as a place for battle.  The Hebrew word for mount is har, so har-megiddo, which when taken into the Greek of the New Testament and then into English becomes “Armegeddon” as mention in Revelation 16:16. Today Megiddo is a tel, which an archaeological site that appears as a small hill due to years of human settlement.

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The ancient city of Meggido

The ancient city of Meggido
by אסף.צ, via Wikimedia Commons

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