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Dan was a city North of the Sea of Galilee.  It was the area the tribe of Dan settled when Israel conquered the land of Canaan. Before being taken over by the tribe of Dan, the city was called Laish or Leshem (Judges 18:1-31). Dan was also the place Jeroboam placed one of the golden calves he made after the kingdom of Israel divided (1 Kings 12:25-33). Archaeologists have found a podium believed to be the one that Jeroboam constructed to house it.

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First, we went through the Dan Nature Preserve.  This is one of three areas where freshwater springs form the beginning of the Jordan river.  Just take a look at the rushing water.  It is clear and clean.  These springs make the area lush and green.

This is also the place that Jeroboam set up one of the golden calves when the kingdom of Israel split after Solomon’s death.  The metal frame shows how big the stone altar would have been and the foundation of the shrine is behind it.

A short walk away is a much older mud brick city gate that would have been around at the time of Abraham.


The Canaanite Gate at the ancient city of Dan

The Canaanite Gate at the ancient city of Dan
by Ani Nimi, via Wikimedia Commons

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