Temple Mount



The Temple Mount is the site in Jerusalem where the Temple originally stood, and it is considered the holiest site of Judaism. It is a widely contested area, as the Muslims also claim it with their Dome of the Rock, which is the second oldest Muslim structure in existence. Some identify this site as the place where Abraham went to sacrifice his son, Isaac, as well as the location of the original Jebusite fortress. It was part of the original city of Jerusalem until destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. Afterwards it became the site of a Roman colony organized by the emperor Hadrian, a Byzantine church, and finally the Dome of the Rock. As of now both Muslims and Jews use the Mount for worship, although the Israelite government has banned prayer to all but Muslims in order to maintain the status quo.

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The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount
by אסף.צ, via Wikimedia Commons

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