A Time to Ponder Time

Have you ever thought about time?  I don’t mean, “What time is it?” or “What time do we eat?”.  I mean have you ever thought about the flow of time – how time continues to pass from one day to the next and from one year to the next. 

The passage of a New Year can bring both joy and sadness as we remember both the good times and the troubled times – the births, the funerals, the fellowship, the broken relationships, and how each of us is a year older and a year closer to eternal youth.

At the New Year many also think about the future.  Many people think about the things they would like to change, and they make a “resolution” to change.  One New Year’s resolution we could always have on our list is to strengthen our relationship with our Savior – read our Bible, have personal devotion, worship with fellow believers, etc.  Jesus promises that this is the only thing we need, that he will take care of all our needs. (“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33).  It really is the only New Year’s resolution we need.

We also look at what we have done in the past as the body of Christ here at St. John’s.  What have we done well in the past?  Let’s keep doing it.  What could we improve?  Let’s consider how.  As your pastor, what could I improve?  I am always willing to receive constructive feedback so that I can change, and the gospel ministry here at St. John’s can change for the better.

In January we will have opportunities to think about the future of St. John’s Lutheran Church and how we can change for the better.  On January 13th Pastor Tim Flunker will return to St. John’s to lead an Awareness Session on Hispanic Outreach.  On January 31st all members are invited to a Long Range Planning meeting where will consider some major questions regarding the direction ministry should take at St. John’s. 

Of all the joyful times we have experienced this past year the greatest is knowing that our future is certain.  We have a joy-filled eternity in heaven waiting for us.  It is not what we deserve for the sins in our past, but it is the future God gives us because Jesus took the future we deserved.  Now, how do we share that good news with others?  It is time for us to decide.

In the name of Christ our King,
Pastor Draper

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