You are filled with the Holy Spirit to declare the wonders of God

Based on: Acts 2:1-21

It was sometime between Noah and Abraham.  Many people had turned away from God.  They were more concerned about themselves than about God and so they planned to bring fame and glory to themselves instead of to God.   They started to build a city and a tall tower that would be the center of their great  civilization.  The tower would be a monument to their own power and ingenuity – a monument to their own ability to accomplish whatever they set out to accomplish.

God saw their arrogance and he went down to thwart their plans.  He made them speak different languages and when they could no longer communicate they could no longer work together.  The tower then became known as the tower of Babel.  It is a monument to the foolishness of thinking that you can control your own destiny.

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Make Us Bold, Lord

Based on: Acts 4:22-32

Good morning Stanley, Dustin, Carlie, Andrew, Daniel, Mackenzie, and Mikyla!  You have finished two years of catechism instruction, two years learning about what Scripture says about God and how he has rescued us.  I must say that of all the classes that I have taken through two years of catechism instruction, yours is by far the best!  Let’s just not tell anyone that so far yours is the only class that I have taken through two years of catechism.

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Perform a Miracle

Based on: Acts 3:12-20

When you see someone sick or suffering have you ever thought, “If only I could put my hand on that person and say something like ‘In the name of Jesus may this sickness leave you’ and then the person would be whole again.  If only God would work a miracle through me!”  Have you ever thought something like that?  I have.

But it doesn’t work that way, does it.  I don’t have that gift.  I don’t think any of you have that gift.  If you are disappointed because of that, if you think you are missing out, then let me remind you that you have been given a much greater gift.  God has given you the privilege and even the command to perform a far greater miracle.  Through us God performs the miracle of faith.  He has given us the means to do it.

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Christ – Annointed to Save

Based on:  Acts 10:34-38

Do you know what it means to be ethnocentric? It simply means to believe that your ethnicity is at the center.  It means that you believe that your culture and your way of doing things is better than anyone else’s.  Of course all of us grew up doing things a certain way, eating certain foods, saying certain expressions, and so forth.  There is nothing wrong with those differences.  The problem comes when we start to think that we are better than someone who is different from us.  This kind of ethnocentric thinking leads to bigotry, racism and discrimination.

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