Arise! Shine! O Church

Based on: Isaiah 60:1-6 As I read these verses from Isaiah I picture a woman all alone in a desert, nothing but sand for miles. She doesn’t know there is nothing but sand because it is absolutely dark, no sun, no moon, no stars, no light at all. She is sitting there in her misery with nothing look forward to, no joy, no hope, nothing. Very quickly, the sun comes up. The glory of the Lord rises upon her. She stands up and looks out over the now bright desert….

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Based on:  2 Chronicles 30

It must have been a tremendous gathering of people – a worship service that covered the whole city of Jerusalem.  They came from all over Judah and Israel to celebrate the Passover, to praise God for what he had done and for what he promised to do.  Let’s take a look at this inspiring and encouraging display of unity among those people in the land of Israel.  We will see that in order to have unity among each other we must first have unity with God.  Then we will see how this unity has blessings for us.

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