Victory is Yours

Based on:  Luke 10:17-20

Do you remember the great victory Elijah had over the prophets of Baal? The false god, Baal, couldn’t even produce a spark to ignite the offering that was set up in his name, but when Elijah called on the Lord, fire rained down on the offering Elijah had prepared – even the stones were consumed. It was a tremendous victory, but soon after this Elijah was running to hide – afraid and depressed. Did he see the real victory? The victory God had won in the hearts of 7000 people in Israel who did not worship Baal? What about the disciples? They saw Jesus heal the sick, cast out demons, and even raise the dead. They saw the power Jesus had, and yet when Jesus was crucified, they hid behind locked doors. Did they see the victory Jesus had won for them? What about you? Do you see the victory Christ won for you? He destroyed Satan’s power over you and even gives you authority over Satan. This victory is yours both now and forever.

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Sit at Jesus’ Feet

Based on:  Luke 10:38-42

Aristotle sat at the feet of Plato and Plato sat at the feet of Socrates. Their ideas still influence the world today. Johann Sebastian Bach had several children who learned much about music while sitting at their father’s feet and became excellent musicians themselves. Consider what a privilege it is to sit at the feet of learned and accomplished men. Consider, also, the privilege Mary had as she sat at the feet of Jesus. Imagine, sitting at those feet that would one day walk to Golgotha, sitting at those feet that would be pierced by a nail in order to save us. What a privilege that must have been.

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The Stones Cry Out

Based on:  Luke 19:28–40

Take a look at this building. Look at how it was made. Do you see that curved ceiling? It would have been so much easier and cheaper to make it a slanted ceiling that followed the pitch of the roof, but think about how that curved ceiling reflects your voices as you praise God with your songs in with your spoken words. The people who built and designed this building were thinking about praising God. Look at what else they did. As you walk around the building do you see all the stone that was laid as a foundation for this building? And all the brick that was laid on top of it? They intended to praise God in this building for many years. Look at how the pews are gently curved so that no matter where you sit your body is facing a little more directly toward the baptismal font and the altar and the lectern and the pulpit. The pews are curved to focus your attention on those things that God uses to give you and bring you his grace. As you can imagine it would be cheaper to build straight pews. Also take a look at the windows. Each one is a reminder of one of the truths of God’s word.

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