The Gospel Is Flying

Based on:  Revelation 14:6

The license plate from the state of North Carolina makes a very a bold claim. It says, “First in flight.” Of course they are referring to the Wright brothers and the first powered and sustained flight at Kitty Hawk. Do you see some irony in that – a license plate on a car which takes pride in flying?

It may be true that the first powered, human flight took place in North Carolina, but long before Orville and Wilbur Wright were even born, the gospel was flying. God gave the gospel wings through his people, flying it to the hearts and minds of every nation, tribe, language, and people.

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The Lamb is Worth . . .

Based on:  Revelation 5:11-14

“Is it really worth all that time and money?” Has anyone said that to you? We are well aware of what it means to think that something is worth your time and effort. Sir Edmund Hillary thought it worth his time and effort to climb Mount Everest. Mikhail Gorbachev thought it was worth his time to turn the Soviet Union into a democracy. Bill Gates thought it was worth his time to write a computer operating system and look where it got him!

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