Change your perspective

Based on: Revelation 12:1-6

Have you ever witnessed a car accident?  Your perspective can make a big difference in how you think about what happened.  Imagine that you were just at an intersection and you saw a car coming from your right.  It swerved out of its lane and hit a car coming from the other direction.  Perhaps you think how foolish it was for the one driver to not pay attention.

But what if you saw the accident from another perspective?  What if you were looking down from above and you saw the little boy get away from his mother and run toward the street?  You would understand why the driver swerved out of his lane.  What if your perspective even included the thoughts of this driver as he recognized that little boy as his own?  Your broader perspective helps you better understand the event.

Now let me ask, “With what perspective do you watch the events of Christmas?”  Is it from the side, is it from above, or do you know what God thinks about Christmas?

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Rejoice with your life

Based on: Philippians 4:4-7

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is coming – two times when family and friends like to get together.  Are there people you look forward to seeing?  People who bring a little joy to the gathering?  I remember as a kid I looked forward to seeing my Uncle Joe.  His gregarious smile and humorous wit added to the joy of the occasion.  We looked forward to seeing him.  I even remember some of the things he said.  For example, as he was leaving sometimes he would say, “I’m glad you got to see me.”  He was just teasing us – I think.

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Be Shrewd and Win Friends

Based on: Luke 16:1-13

The world really appreciates and looks up to someone who is clever.  Those who are able to outwit someone, to solve a problem in an ingenious way, to beat the odds with shrewd determination and innovative thinking win the world’s respect.  Think of those who have shown their military shrewdness such as Alexander the Great or Napoleon and those who are successful in business like Donald Trump and Bill Gates.  We may not agree with the way they achieved their success, but we have to admit that the world considers them clever and resourceful, even shrewd.  They have used the resources that were available to them to get what they wanted.  Jesus tells us to do the same thing. He tells us to be shrewd – to use the resources available to us to win friends in heaven.

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