Pay Attention to the Light

Based on:  2 Peter 1:16-21

Dear Christians, in this world we are surrounded by spiritual darkness.  It is like being in a strange place in the middle of the night.  The sky is overcast – no moon, no stars.  Other people try to tell us which way to go.  They think they know.  One says, “Come with me I’ll show you where to go.”  Another says, “No, come this way.”  None of them have a light to help guide them and we wonder how they know where they’re going?  But Look! There is a light.  Pay attention to the light! This world is spiritually dark and God’s word is the only sure light able to guide us out of the darkness to our eternal home.

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How to Live Forever

Based On: 1 Peter 1:22-25

Here is a Bible.  It is made up of paper printed with ink.  The cover is cardboard and it is all bound together with some glue and stitching.  It was probably made several years ago and with a single match is easily destroyed.  It is an object with a limited life span on this earth.  If you take care of it, it will last longer, but not forever.  Eventually, as the years pass, the pages will become dirty or torn and we will need to replace this book.  This book is temporary and in some ways frail.

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