See Your Savior on the Cross

Based On: Isaiah 53:4-6

Today we see our Savior on the cross, but to understand better what is happening on the cross let’s start in the Garden of Eden. There in the garden, God told Adam not to eat from a certain tree in the middle of the garden. “You may eat from any other tree but if you eat from this tree you will die.” Even though Adam and Eve knew God’s command they ate the fruit from that one tree. And what was the result? Death. The sprirtual death was immediate – their relationship with God was destroyed. Eventually their bodies would also die.

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Why did Christ die?

Based On: Isaiah 53:5

This is the day Christ died. As we hear the Scripture lessons being read we can almost see the body of Christ – his back torn by the scourge, blood dripping from his thorn pierced head. The nails in his hands and feet may be too gory to visualize, but there he hung on the cross to die. Not simply the death you and I will go through, but a separation from God – he suffered hell itself.

Why did Christ die? Why did he suffer hell? He didn’t break any laws. He never sinned against any human being, but loved each and every one of us. He never even sinned against God, but obeyed him perfectly. Why did God punish him?

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