Do Future Mission Work Now

Based on:  Deuteronomy 6:1-9

One of my seminary professors was talking about family devotions with a group of people.  He showed them a picture of a family from the late 1800’s.  The mother had died and the picture showed the father with his seven or eight children.  I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember the very compelling main point.  This man had plenty to do to raise his children, but he consistently took time for devotions with his family and taught them the truths of God’s Word.  The value this man placed on God’s Word showed throughout his life and his example made a huge impact on his children.  Not only his children, but also on his grandchildren and great-grandchildren as his love for God’s Word was passed on from generation to generation.  In fact, you can still see his love for God’s word in many of his descendants, one of whom was my seminary professor.  From this one family has come two Synod presidents, dozens of pastors and teachers, and hundreds of faithful lay men and women.  If you think about the many people that would have heard about Jesus through this one man’s descendants, you could say that he had and still has an impact on thousands of people because he shared his love for the Gospel with his children.

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A Teachable Moment

Based On: Genesis 22:1-18

Have you ever had a child hurt himself or herself while doing something you had just told them NOT to do?  You have in that situation a teachable moment.  The event has created a unique learning opportunity for the child. So, after you take care of the immediate medical emergency you sit down with the child and gently say, “Do you understand why I told you not to do that?  You know, Mom and Dad love you and when we tell you not to do something it is for your good.”  The idea is that the unpleasant experience will make the lesson more memorable.  It doesn’t always work.

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The Blessings of School

Another school year has ended.  The children were noticeably more and more excited about the end of school as the final day drew closer.  I am happy for them and I hope they enjoy their summer.  I also look forward to seeing them next year.  It is good to have a break, but as all of you know, school is important.  As the school year ends I want to share with you a few words Martin Luther said about school that still apply today.

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Teach It To the Children

Based on: Deuteronomy 11:1-7,16-21

Today we will install two teachers into our Lutheran Elementary School.  You know, the Bible really doesn’t say anything specific about running an elementary school, but God does command the entire church in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by baptizing and also teaching.  This church agrees that it has the responsibility to teach children.  Whenever we baptize a child in a worship service the congregation is asked if it will carry out this responsibility to teach the child that was just baptized, and the congregation responds with, "Yes, as God gives me strength."

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School Closing Program

Based On: Colossians 2:6-7

Dear students, parents, relatives, and friends.

Well, students, you have finished another year of school. What will you do over the summer? Perhaps your family has travel plans or you will be attending camp this summer. Perhaps you are really excited about the idea of having no plans whatsoever for summer. Regardless of your summer plans, please remember that whatever you do, continue to live in Jesus Christ. “Continue to live in him” – these words were written for all Christians – those in Kindergarten, those in 1st grade, all the way up to 8th grade and even older.

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