Look at the Cost of Discipleship

Based On: Luke 14:25-33

How many unfinished projects do you have lying around the house? You know, those things you thought would be a great idea – redecorating the house or a new hobby you thought would be fun.  I have plenty of those projects that I keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll finish that some day,” but that day never comes.  Most of these are little things – if they don’t get done it’s not a big problem.  It is very different when we are building a house.  In fact, the bigger the project the more we will want to plan and think about it ahead of time.  We don’t want to get partway into the project and find out we don’t have the resources to finish.  The half built building is a waste of time and money and makes the builder look like a fool.  How much more important is it to look at to the cost of discipleship, the cost of following Jesus.  This is a matter of eternal consequence and so we must, as Jesus directs us, look at the cost of discipleship.  The cost is high, so consider it carefully.

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Let Christ Exalt You

Based On: Luke 14:1,7-14

Have you ever seen kids fight over the biggest piece of cake on the table or a toy they all wanted to play with? They will argue and perhaps even fight to get what they think they deserve.  Maybe we call that being selfish.  Sometimes don’t we as adults do the very same thing? Of course we are more sophisticated about it.  We aren’t so blatant, but sometimes we are selfish.  Where does this selfishness come from? Behind the selfish actions there is that thought that I should come first, or I should have more, or I am more important than this other person.  Our selfish desires are motivated by a sinful, self-centered pride.

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