Based on: Isaiah 55:1-5

Are you looking forward to the pot-luck? I know it is still early in the morning, but have you started thinking about the food that’s down in the kitchen? Maybe Lutherans enjoy food more than others, I don’t know, but sharing a meal together is a great way to come together as a group of believers.  And a pot luck is a great way to do it.  Just think, you have all that food in front of you and you can try a little of this and little of that.  Then when you go back for seconds, you know exactly what you want.  There is usually more than enough for everyone to have their fill.

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Teach It To the Children

Based on: Deuteronomy 11:1-7,16-21

Today we will install two teachers into our Lutheran Elementary School.  You know, the Bible really doesn’t say anything specific about running an elementary school, but God does command the entire church in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by baptizing and also teaching.  This church agrees that it has the responsibility to teach children.  Whenever we baptize a child in a worship service the congregation is asked if it will carry out this responsibility to teach the child that was just baptized, and the congregation responds with, "Yes, as God gives me strength."

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