God Watches Over

Based on:  Psalm 121:7-8

“The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”

Over the past eight or nine weeks I have gone to visit with her once a week.  Visiting her was a blessing to me because every time I went to visit and every time I talked to her it was very clear that she trusted in her Savior, Jesus, and she knew that one day her Savior would come for her and take her home.  She understood these verses from Psalm 121, these verses that were her confirmation verses.  She understood that the Lord was watching over and that he had been watching over her whole life, keeping her safe until that day when the Lord would take her home to be with him forever.

It began at her baptism when God made her his own dear child.  God promised to watch over her and protect her as only the heavenly Father could.  She kept her framed baptismal certificate as a reminder of her new relationship with the almighty God.  These confirmation verses describe beautifully the promise that God made to Adeline at her baptism.  “The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  God’s promise to her was the same promise he gives to everyone who trust in him – to watch over us, both body and soul –not as harsh supervisor making sure everything is done correctly, but a loving father who desires to protect his child.  And He did just that.

God was there watching over her, watching over her coming and her going as the psalmist writes.  He was there during all the details of her life, every major event and every little moment.  As she grew up, God was there.  When she went to nursing school and got married, God was watching over her.  And God continued to keep her from harm as she raised a family and continued working as a nurse.  Even later in life God was watching over her, both body and soul.  Even though she became sick and was told that this illness would eventually take her life, God was still watching over her.  God, in his wisdom allowed this to happen to her.  In a way he was telling her, "Throughout life you have helped others as a wife, a mother, as singers, and as a volunteer in the community.  You have served others and now it is time for others to help you.  This may be difficult for you at times, but through it I will make you grow in your faith and I will bless others as well."

Even greater is how the Lord preserved her soul.  The Bible tells us we are all enemies of God by nature and dead in our sin.  We all deserve God’s wrath, but Jesus suffered that wrath for us.  Because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, heaven was opened for her and for all of us.  God preserved her faith in that truth until he decided the time was right to take her home to himself.  This is certainly a blessing from God. 

Last Thursday she and I were talking about her blessings.  She talked about the long life she had, her family, how little pain she had with her illness, and her greatest blessing – that she knew her Savior.  Then she made the comment, "I don’t feel like I deserve these blessings."  I told her, "God doesn’t give them to us because we deserve them."   I wasn’t able to finish my thought.  She finished for me, "he gives them because he loves us."  God blesses us because he loves us.  We don’t deserve it.  We were totally helpless and deserved nothing and that’s why Jesus had to come and earn our salvation for us.  That’s why God gives heaven to us as a gift – we certainly don’t deserve it.

She now realizes the full wonder and beauty and love of that gift.  The God who was watching over her life continues to watch over her and keep her safe.  This same God also watches over each one of us until we are also there with Adeline and our Savior.


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