A Close Relationship

Based on:  1 John 4:13-21

Was there ever a relationship that you were unsure of? Perhaps you just offended a friend and you didn’t know if you were still friends or if that person even wanted to see you again? Now just imagine the relationship Adam and Eve had with God before they sinned. It was the closest relationship possible – God lived in them and they lived in God. God blessed them with everything they needed and more, and God was pleased with everything they did. Pleased, that is, until they ate the fruit God told them not to eat. They realized they had ruined their perfect relationship with God, and they were afraid. They had no hope of restoring this relationship on their own. Yet, in love God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to restore this relationship. Now as a believer in Jesus Christ we have this close personal relationship with God. God lives in us, and we live in God. We know this is true by God’s display of love and we can see this from our own display of love.

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