Arise! Shine! O Church

Based on: Isaiah 60:1-6 As I read these verses from Isaiah I picture a woman all alone in a desert, nothing but sand for miles. She doesn’t know there is nothing but sand because it is absolutely dark, no sun, no moon, no stars, no light at all. She is sitting there in her misery with nothing look forward to, no joy, no hope, nothing. Very quickly, the sun comes up. The glory of the Lord rises upon her. She stands up and looks out over the now bright desert….

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He Could Bear Your Misery No Longer

Based on:  Judges 10:6-16

One of the main themes of Lent is repentance – the focus for today. Repentance has two parts. First, it is a sorrow over sin that shows itself in words and actions; then repentance is also a trust in God’s forgiveness. These verses from the book of Judges describe the repentance of the people of Israel and are a good way for us to look at repentance. We are so much like a them.

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