The Joy of the Lord’s Supper

Do you appreciate the grass?  When something is all around us and it is available to look at or use whenever we would like, then we sometimes fail to appreciate it.  Do you appreciate the grass?  Perhaps not so much now, but I think we will all appreciate the nice, green grass of spring after a few months of snow.

Do you appreciate the Lord’s Supper?  God makes this precious gift readily available to us, but perhaps because it is consistently there for us we don’t always think about what God does for us in this sacrament.  Let’s take a few moments as Martin Luther reminds us of the blessings of the Lord’s Supper that bring joy to our soul.  

In the Lord’s Supper Christ offers to every one of us the treasure He brought from heaven, a treasure to which He invites us most winsomely also  in other passages, as when He says in Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” How truly and tenderly He summons and encourages us for our own highest and greatest good!

Therefore it is surely a sin and a shame that we take such a reluctant attitude toward the Sacrament, neglecting it for such long periods that we become quite cold and hard and lose our delight in it and our love for it.

Never regard the Sacrament as something harmful from which to flee, but rather as purely wholesome and soothing therapy that is helpful and life-giving both for the soul and for the body. For if the soul is healed, the body is helped as well.

How, then, is it that we act as if the Sacrament were a poison and eating it would kill us . . . ?

Those who feel their weakness, really want to be rid of it, and desire a remedy should regard and use the Sacrament as a priceless antidote against the poison that they carry in them. For here in the Sacrament you receive from the lips of Christ forgiveness of sins, and His forgiveness contains and brings with it God’s grace, God’s Spirit, all the gifts of the Spirit, and His protection shielding and sheltering you against death, the devil, and all evil.

Thus from God’s side there comes to you both the command and the promise of your Lord Christ to move you to receive the Sacrament often.

That which should impel you from your side is your own need, that is, your personal problems hanging about your neck. These are the very reasons for Christ’s command, encouragement, and promise.

(Luther’s Large Catechism)

In the name of Christ, our Lord,
Pastor Draper

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